A Path Forward to a Modern, High-Performing Health System


We are committed to a future where every person has access to high-quality, affordable health care and a modern, high-performing health system that reduces disparities, improves outcomes and lessens the burden of disease.

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Universal coverage is within reach.


Cover 20 million uninsured individuals by strengthening Medicaid and the exchanges.

Improve coverage options for 9 million uninsured by enabling more affordable commercial coverage.


The first episode in our three-part podcast series on health policy solutions features Brian Thompson, CEO of UnitedHealthcare, and Kristi Henderson, CEO of Optum Everycare, who discuss how to expand access to coverage and care in the U.S., including through innovative coverage and virtual capabilities.


Affordable and sustainable health care can be achieved.


Accelerate value-based care.

Shift care to higher-value providers and sites of service.

Address rising prescription drug costs with payment reform.

Eliminate wasteful spending.


The health care experience can be transformed.


Advance health equity and improve care for vulnerable populations.

Increase workforce capacity to improve access to care.

Increase consumer engagement with additional flexibility and digital tools.

Enable clinicians to focus on delivering high-quality care.


A Path Forward

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